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About US

About Us

Our character. What We Do. 

Wellness is for adults who have rejected their bodies and need to lose 10 to 50+ pounds, live progressively favorable and get desirous compliments shape their friends. We have been seen Internationally as World Fitness Elite particular focal points and named Fitness Business of the Year for the United States and Canada for giving remarkable client results! Rather than rec focus investment and other nonexclusive/slant programs that have failed you previously, our results set up together getting ready fixations as for your very own necessities and requirements, in a fun, social and family style air that you'll call home. 

We Specialize In Getting People Fit and Healthy 

We have the response to make it go for you! Our arrangement office is the place people come to get fit, get more slender, make sense of how to rehearse right, make sense of how to live better, eat progressively beneficial, supplement fittingly and essentially feel staggering! Honestly, this is a bit of each program. No predominant styles. No inventions. Just veritable world in-the-trenches science! 

Our Team 

Healthyki is maintained by a gathering of comparative wellbeing lovers. Our gathering is contained auxiliary rec focus contenders, yoga instructors, dark belts, craftsmen and practice focus proprietors. When you do require to empower, we to join our particular know-how with our ability in your district to support you and your business thrive. 

How might we do that? 

By giving you courses of action and sweeping consolidated activities. This infers adjusted getting ready, sustenance and devour organizing, real supplementation, and looking for nourishment visits. We join these with a course of action of-movement that solidifies cardiovascular and block planning, flexibility/compactness getting ready, and capable preparing all wrapped with one completion plan expressly expected for you! 

Our personality 

We are NOT an activity focus. We don't move practice focus enlistments. We are not the "long moderate going by treadmill" or "work recklessly through a circuit of solidarity machines" style club. Why? It's an exhibited truth... that sort of movement works for under 1% of the people. 
Over 80% of our planning clients state they've come to us after more than once fail to meet their goals at a standard enlistment style rec focus. 
We're not here to set you up to miss the mark, we're here to empower you to succeed! Need to shed 20 pounds? 50 pounds? 100 pounds? It is sheltered to state that you are endeavoring to get into the Special Forces? Maybe you essentially need to feel bewildering and fit into that little dim dress yet again. 
Expecting this is the situation, you'll discover all that you need to accomplish your goals at Page Fitness!